Entebbe Botanical Gardens

Uganda birding sites: Entebbe Botanical Gardens

Entebbe botanical gardens are located in Entebbe town just about 34 km from Kampala. These gardens give you a perfect taste of what to expect on a Uganda safari. There is a bit of everything from wildlife, bird life, to plant life and a few other attractions.

The entebbe botanical gardens were established in 1901 on the shores of lake Victoria in Entebbe town. They sit on a well protected area of 40.7 hectares, pretty small compared to the national parks in Uganda, but quite rich with tourist attractions.


Birding in Entebbe Botanical Gardens

These gardens are a popular birding spot in Uganda and for good reason- there are about 206 bird species here. This includes both forest and shore birds. So if you are planning a birding safari in Uganda, you can always start here. And if you are spending a very short time in Uganda and yet would really like to see what Uganda has to offer as a birding destination, the botanical gardens are just the perfect place for you to visit. A couple of hours spent birding in this little piece of paradise will be magical and memorable. The most common birds in the gardens are the orange tufted and red chested Sun birds and the orange weaver.

Some of the other birds you might see in the botanical gardens include: the grey headed sparrow, spur-winged lapwing, black headed gonolek, rupell’s long-tailed sterling, pink backed pelican, yellow billed stork, African open-billed stork, malachite kingfisher, African jacana, lesser jacana, yellow-billed duck, glossy ibis, common sandpiper, wood sandpiper, green sandpiper, Marsh Sandpipers, Common Green Shank, Long-tailed and Great Cormorants, slender-billed, Northern Brown –throated, yellow backed, Jackson’s Golden –backed , Black-headed and Vieillot’s black weavers, Madagascar Bee-eater, Green Crombec, Orange weaver, Golden and Yellow backed weavers, Superb sun bird, Bare faced go-away-bird, Ross’s and Great blue Turacos, Grey and Brown Parrots, Palm Swift, Little Swift, black crake, Senegal coucal, Verreaux’s eagle owl and so many others.

There is also a small forest area where you can see primates such as the Guereza Colobus and vervet monkeys and more birds such as the great Blue and Ross’s turacos, Klaas’s and Diederik Cuckoos , Woodland Kingfisher , Broad-billed Roller ,Black and white casqued horn bill and splendid starling , the African Fish eagle and eastern Grey Plantain-eater, Hadada Ibis, palm nut and Hooded Vultures, Shikra, Lizard buzzard, Long-crested eagle, Grey kestrel, Black Crake, Blue-cheeked Bee eater , Angola swallow , winding and red faced cisticolas, Grey capped warbler, common wattle-eye , and Green-throated and scarlet-chested Sun birds.


Other attractions:

Other than the vast array of bird life, the Entebbe Botanical Gardens also have some very beautiful scenery, with Lake Victoria as a backdrop. There is also a collection of exotic plants and of course the monkeys.

Whether you are planning a short birding safari or a long extensive one, the Entebbe Botanical gardens should make it to your itinerary. You definitely not regret it, once you experience the beauty of nature here.

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